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Projects and the 3D digital environment.

My design work was greatly influenced by projects i fortunately participated in. The images i show are some that are open to the public domain, and part of my personal portfolio as it developed. Words cant describe the feeling of learning a new medium and working with it as one would pencil and paper; Thats what i feel with the 3D digital space. Sometimes i start in 3D and get new ideas for my next vehicle body designs.


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Kayoola Part2 (2016)


The date was 1st November 2011, typed out as 1-11-11. The venue was Makerere University in Kampala Uganda. The Project is called the Vehicle design Project (VDP). The test involved driving the first product of the project, namely the KIIRA EV. It is Uganda's first electric car, and is powered 100% by electricity. I am glad to have been part of a team with a Avant-grade vision, looking into the future of green transport design on the African Continent. Not only is the project observing the very important role of a design process in industrial design, but also the importance of establishing a team from cross cutting disciplines. A center for research will be the next phase and i believe will see a new race in Africa to pursue development of such product in the near future. Following are some of the sketches and model work that i did on the project.

KIIRA EV complete