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Kayoola Part2 (2016)

As the project evolved a new brand identity was embarked upon The key sketch that fused a DNA that was birthed as Kiira Motors took shape Exploded 3D Model defining the interior and exterior make-up Birds eye view of the Kayoola model Wide angle view Front end view
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Kiira SMACK part 1

2013 came with a call to address questions asked from the development of the Kiira EV.  Range extension, passenger capacity and a better performance all round. The Kiira SMACK was the answer commissioned as a project to realise.

KAYOOLA Bus project Part 1

Still in 2012, i got back to the team that created the Kiira EV, to work on the Kayoola bus project. A vision to see a solar powered electric bus take root in Uganda's urban city centers

J.E. Nsubuga and Associates and i.

2012 found me entering the world of Architectural visualisation. J.E Nsubuga and associates studios is where i had the pleasure of participating in one of their unique projects handling 3D modeling and visualising duties.

KIIRA EV complete

KIIRA EV continued.

Here are more sketches and models that developed the KIIRA EV Exterior and interior.


The date was 1st November 2011, typed out as 1-11-11. The venue was Makerere University in Kampala Uganda. The Project is called the Vehicle design Project (VDP). The test involved driving the first product of the project, namely the KIIRA EV. It is Uganda's first electric car, and is powered 100% by electricity. I am glad to have been part of a team with a Avant-grade vision, looking into the future of green transport design on the African Continent. Not only is the project observing the very important role of a design process in industrial design, but also the importance of establishing a team from cross cutting disciplines. A center for research will be the next phase and i believe will see a new race in Africa to pursue development of such product in the near future. Following are some of the sketches and model work that i did on the project.